8 Vegan Brands For Cruelty Free, Environmentally-Friendly Accessories You Can Add to Your Collection

The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. Therefore embracing environment-friendly alternatives over goods that violate humanitarian values is the need of the hour. The slow fashion movement is slowly but surely gaining momentum with many independent Indian brands switching over to the vegan side. From goods made out of pleather to cork-wood, apart from being cruelty-free and animal-friendly these brands also have a sharp and unique aesthetic that make heads turn. So here’s a list of some of our favourite vegan brands for sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives to shop consciously without compromising on style. 


1. Kannabis 

Image Source:Facebook/Kannabis

Their core animal-friendly substitute for leather is canvas. Historically canvas was made from hemp, which came from the cannabis plant which is how this brand got its name. Compassion for animals remains the core value of this PETA approved Vegan brand and their collection of shoes made of different materials are colourful and stylish with and Insole cushion and a durable outsole. Ladies, they also do painless heels! 


2. Achilles’ Heel


A luxury footwear brand for men, Achilles’ Heel makes their shoes in hiding leather sourced from their eco-friendly tanneries and vegan leather. A mix of everything modern, stylish and chic their collection offers an eclectic mix suitable for any occasion. Apart from the variety of shoes they have in their collection, you can even have your cruelty free shoe custom made depending on your needs. 


3. Aulive 

Image Source: Facebook/Aulive


At Aulive their constant endeavour is to build a platform for ethical buying while not compromising on style and fashion. All of their products are made using superior vegan leather. The brands offers a limited selection of vegan and cruelty free leather products such as weekender bags, laptop sleeves, trunks and more in bright and vibrant colours. They also recently introduced bags made out of pineapple leaf fibres.  


4. Arture

Image Source: Facebook/Arture

Arture uses 100% natural cork fabrics, from the Mediterranean, to create wallets, handbags, sleeves and travel accessories for both men and women. Their cruelty-free range of products has also earned them PETA-approved Vegan certification. Arture assures quality lifestyle accessories that last much longer and take utmost care to procure their materials to ensure that no harm is done to the environment.


5. Zouk

Image Source: Facebook/Zouk

Zouk is a 100% Vegan & Proudly Indian brand. We make laptop bags, handbags, women's office bags, female wallets, mini wallets, sling bags, bucket bags, backpacks, travel pouches for women & men. They use fabrics like Ikat, Silk, Jute, Khadi. All of their bags are handcrafted by expert artisans and all their products are PeTA approved vegan.


6. Broke Mate 

Image Source: Facebook/Broke Mate

Broke Mate is built on the philosophy of promoting love. They design vegan bags that fuse fashion with practicality and are luxurious in experience and affordable in pricing. They are also a Peta Approved Vegan certified company and are 100% committed to using cruelty-free materials. Their bags, designed with extraordinary attention to details, are also practical enough to transition from one occasion to another, without any hassle.


7. Rheson

Image Source: Facebook/Rheson


In the celebrity realm, Sonam and Rhea Kapoor's label, Rheson, also sends a positive message with their fashionable and animal-friendly bags. The brand also recently received a PETA Compassionate Business Award for their bags made from exclusively non-leather materials. 


8. A Big Indian Story

Image Source: Facebook/A Big Indian Story


A Big India Story is another PETA approved fashion brand with products designed using cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials. They work with traditional Indian artisans, add contemporary design ideas and create truly beautiful products across fashion, bags, jewellery, art and other lifestyle categories. They also only use natural fabrics, vegetable dyes and animal friendly materials to create their range of sustainable products.