We Spoke to Akanksha Savanal, Founder of All Inclusive Fashion Brand-A Curve Story

Walking into a clothing store, what's the first thing that catches your eyes? Tall, thin mannequins, right? One can easily get their hands on a range of sizes but for a person who is bigger build, finding a clothing size in different styles and prints is a challenge in itself. Whether it's a brand or the billboards, they display models with perfect figures, and in times there's no inclusivity for all kinds of body structures. There's a brand in the market called 'A Curve Story' started by Akanksha Savanal that understands and appreciates all body types. 

How Did A Curve Story Started? 

Akansha has been a fashion stylist in the industry for over the last 10 years. During her journey, she noticed a significant market gap for fashion options available for the curvy women. A lot of curvy women indeed struggled to find great apparel options in India which strengthened Akanksha to create her brand, and that's how A Curve Story was born. 

A Curve Story is an e-commerce fashion brand that focuses on Body Positivity and Inclusivity. The brand understands and appreciates all body types and caters to all sizes, especially plus sizes that are often overlooked. Akanksha added, "I count myself extremely fortunate to have found my calling in fashion early on. Initially, I started off with a fashion diploma along with a business degree and then went on to assist a prominent fashion stylist right after that which got me great opportunities to work in the film industry. The job got me exposure and know-how about the business and through this, I noticed a huge vacuum in fashionable options available for the curve segment and decided to go for it. I genuinely believe that ample options in fashion should be equally available to all irrespective of societal biases. So, this is when I gave it significant thought and realised that it's a great opportunity to deliver fashionable clothing to the curve segment of masses".

As a brand, A Curve Story creates clothing for every body type- keeping in mind their preferences, quirks and needs. The fit, styles and fabrics are made to flatter all body types, and each piece is carefully crafted to make the person feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

Challenges Akanksha Savanal Faced

It's a fact that no business if set up without facing any challenges. Akanksha started working at the age of 18 and took up most of her day along with studies. After pursuing a Business degree along with a Fashion Diploma, she took up multiple short courses at Central Saint Martins London to brush up my skills in styling, a fashion business and forecasting. The idea for 'A Curve Story' came in almost four years after I had started a styling company.

Image Source: India Talent Magazine

The biggest challenge and corner for an entrepreneur was to create a unique brand. Akanksha added, "The challenge was to create a unique brand DNA to break through the intense competition in fashion retail. We carried out massive surveys with the masses for our research and development to understand the demand in the market. This took up a lot of time and effort initially, but I'd like to believe it has paid off well".

The goal is to take 'A Curve Story' global and make a distinct mark in changing the face of body positive and inclusive fashion in India. Initially, Akansha had to invest about 6 lakhs for the brand to take off as we started with baby steps. 

Inclusivity Of The Brand

As an individual, Akanksha has always felt a strong need to make a difference in the LGBTQIA+ community. Last year, the brand launched its campaign titled 'You Are Heard' to introduce statement t-shirts and two models from the community were chosen for the campaign. She added, "My brand was the perfect channel to do justice and bring them to the forefront and give them the respect they have always deserved. My brand believes in breaking all sorts of societal biases and stereotypes whether its gender, sexual orientation, caste, colour, etc. We stand for equal opportunity for all and would like to use our voice towards causes such as rights for acid attack victims, equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community".

We all know that inclusivity is a need of the hour be in the fashion world or any corporate industry. To this, she said, "Inclusivity can be incorporated in a brand when each person is seen and accepted for who they truly are. This could mean diversity in product ranges and understanding the demographic at large". 

Starting such an inclusive initiative at such a young age is in itself is a proud moment. Through this brand, people can feel and be 'You' in their skin type and size. Kudos to Akanksha Savanal! 

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/acurvestory)