This Mumbai Startup is Delivering Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to People Amidst the Coronavirus Lockdown

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought the entire globe to a standstill. Our nation has imposed a country-wide lockdown, instructing all the citizens to stay at home during this crisis. While medical & grocery shops are open to all, it's still not possible for needy people, like the elderly or physically challenged people, to venture out and buy groceries and food. And amidst the crisis, this Mumbai startup- Agrify Organic Solutions, is delivering fresh vegetables and fruits to people's doorstep. 

Agrify Organic Solutions was started in May 2019 by three young friends- Urvish Bhaide, Darpan Bendre and Himanshu Dighavkar. It's a startup that has volunteered to deliver farm-fresh vegetables and fruits to people's homes amidst the lockdown and has been working with 500 farmers in Nashik. It all started with one message on Whatsapp. Through that one message, they had more than 7000 queries, and currently, all three of them have 6000+ people sending their orders on Whatsapp.

We spoke exclusively to Urvish, one of the co-founders who explained to us how, in this tough situation, they started with this initiative. "Even in the current scenario, our current supply chain was intact. So our parents recommended that we could arrange supplies for our society members and a few family members. We just sent out a casual message on Whatsapp asking people to send in their orders. And now we have thousands of them.", he added.

Currently, to avoid any social distancing, the box is kept at a distance from the customer, and then they pick it themselves. Also, ensuring the safety of the delivery executive, they are advised to wear N-95 mask, gloves in their hand and after every half hour sanitizing their hands. For the past three days, they have been working for almost 20-22 hours a day to try out various options for faster delivery.

Talking about this fantastic initiate in this hard time, Urvish said, "This initiative is something our farmers from the Yuvakmangal Agrotech farmer producer company suggested. They are the ones whose produce is being delivered. They have more than 2500 farmers associated with it. But due to the lockdown, they were struggling to sell there produce in local markets and hence they were making losses. So we brainstormed the idea together with the farmers- of preparing vegetable boxes, what all vegetables to put in the box and in what quantity, and delivering them straight to the people."

The process starts with taking the details of customers through a Google Form and then afterwards, they go through the data and plan out a delivery schedule for efficient deliveries. All the payments are made in digital modes like GPay, Paytm, and a customer is expected to pay only after the delivery. In uncertain times like these, Agrify Organic Solutions is stepping forward and restoring everyone's faith in humanity. Kudos to them!