Johnson & Johnson is Empowering Women With Their WiSTEM2D Programmes

We all know of conglomerate Johnson & Johnson (J&J). But what many might not know is that J&J has a vast CSR programme. And we recently got in touch with them to know more about their WiSTEM2D programme: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing, and Design (STEM2D) which aims to introduce women to these fields.

"J&J has been championing women and giving them the tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed at work and at home since our establishment more than 130 years ago when eight of our first 14 employees were women. Furthering that commitment, in 2015, we launched WiSTEM2D: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing, and Design (STEM2D)," said Sharmishtha Biswas, Liquid Manufacturing Leader, Consumer Health India & WiSTEM2D India Champion.


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Led by a network of volunteers from across Johnson & Johnson and its local operating companies, this ambitious initiative involves:

Youth Programs: Sparking enchantment with STEM2D subjects in young women and girls through creative problem solving and play.
University Programs: Inspiring career paths, by partnering with select academic institutions to develop high-impact strategies for recruiting, retaining, and engaging women leaders.
Professional Programs: Tapping into the power of diversity through reimagined recruitment and retention of the world’s best technical female talent.

Their programme cultivates females’ STEM2D interests at an early age and helps them continue to grow and develop in these areas, preparing and positioning them to pursue higher education and careers in STEM2D. With this foundation, they are primed to make valuable contributions to their communities, companies, and the world in the decades ahead. To advance student outreach, they have partnered with leading nonprofit organizations FHI 360, Smithsonian Science Education Center, and JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide to develop the SPARK STEM2D resource and website. SPARK seeks to enlarge the pool of young people, especially girls and other under-represented populations, who can aspire to future careers in STEM2D fields. 

"In India, our journey has been gaining momentum from starting with 400 touch points in 2018 when it was launched to approx. 4500 last year to aspiring for an audacious goal of 10000 this year. We have focused on community engagements, NGO partnerships, Government schemes, and purposeful recruitment strategies. We have leveraged NGO partnerships with Seva Sahyog, Aarambh, Sparsh, and Save the Children and are in conversations with other foundations as well to increase the footprint in India for the first pillar. For the first quarter in 2020, we had more than 500 touchpoints through plant visits and coordinator sponsorship. In the COVID world now, we have started evaluating at online interactions and virtual site visits as well as share the resources with our employees for them to leverage for their kids and communities," added Biswas

Worldwide, when they began our WiSTEM2D journey in 2015, we set out to reach 1 million girls by 2020. But with over 5,200 J&J employee volunteers, they shattered that milestone by officially reaching more than 6 million girls through our various WiSTEM2D programs and partners.

We do wish them luck in achieving their milestones.