Meet Aarti Gill, Who quit Her Corporate Job to Start Her Own Plant-Based Nutrition Brand

Youngsters in today's era are indeed coming forward with new and innovative entrepreneurship ideas. At the age of working hard and partying harder, youngsters are making their name in the business world. One of them is Aarti Gill, who quit her corporate job to follow her passion in preventive healthcare line and started with OZiva, an active nutrition brand.

Born in Chandigarh, Aarti Gill completed her engineering from IIT-Roorkee and worked with corporate entities and tech startups. Later, she went ahead to complete her MBA degree at INSEAD. At the age of 24, Aarti hit a roadblock and thought whether to work at a corporate job or use the knowledge to follow her interest in healthcare?

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In 2014, along with her co-founder, Mihir Gadani started 'Fit Circle', an app-based platform that provided nutrition suggestions, exercise boot camps and diet consultations. Unfortunately, that didn't go ahead as expected and Aarti was devastated totally, and after trying a couple of things, in 2016, OZiva was born.

OZiva, a plant-based active nutrition brand, offers a range of products, from plant-based to organic, for everyday fitness. Speaking to the BusinessLine, Aarti said, "A lot of health supplements are available in the market today, but we are focussed on plant-based nutrition supplements and preventive healthcare products."

We know like us you are also thinking, why is it called OZiva? The O reflects aarti and her team of 40 people's efforts in the name which signifies 'Originality' and Ziva in Hebrew means 'radiance and brilliance'. The OZiva products are divided into two categories- everyday nutrition and hair and skincare nutrition. Soon, they are planning to expand to the children's nutrition products too. All the OZiva products are available on its own website and other e-commerce websites including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and more. Also, the products have been endorsed by Indian Women's Football Team captain Aditi Chauhan, and television actors Debina Bonnerjee and Sambhavna Seth.

(Image Source: Facebook/OzivaLife)

Also, Aarti's first venture 'Fit Circle' is still a part of the OZiva backend technology providing services and content to all the customers. Her co-founder Mihir Gadani who is a biotechnologist with experience in Botanical Sciences knows the philosophy of combining Ayurveda with food sciences. Explaining the manufacturing process, Aarti said, "Ayurveda is about herbs and plants that have medicinal effects. We use such herbs and with the help of modern science, like extraction of nutrients, we are able to take plant extracts and derive natural nutrition for the products. Making the products clean and natural - free of artificial sweeteners and ingredients".

They are looking forward to investing in people, technology, products for increased growth. Speaking to an online publication, she added, "When I initially started, I used to look at the highs & lows. However, now it's all about equilibrium in every situation, which is not possible if one keeps thinking about moments as highs and lows."

It is a proud feeling to see such an innovative startup growing so well and how Aarti didn't lose hope after her firsts startup didn't go well. Kudos to her!

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