Meet Aneesha Labroo, Founder of Kica, a Range of Indian Activewear to Empower Women

Every other day there’s a new yoga studio or a new health fad. With new fitness centres coming up, there is a shortage of activewear stores too to keep up with the pace. Well, Aneesha Labroo, founder of Kica, a homegrown activewear brand that aims to provide high quality yet stylish products at an affordable price. 

Creating & Idea of Making a Brand

28-year-old entrepreneur, Aneesha, studied Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania in the US and headed to New York and worked at Strawberry Frog, a boutique advertising agency and then moved to Young & Rubicam. From building brands for others to creating her own brand, Aneesha Labroo has come a long way. 

Fitness has always been a part of Anessha’s life and growing up, she played football and currently, she enrols into rigorous three-month weight programmes. Aneesha moved back to India in September 2016. After conducting a full marketing study on the activewear market and brands, she identified a gap niche- stylish and high-quality products at an affordable price. And that’s when Kica was born. 

Image Source: Tweak India 

Speaking to The Citizen, she talked about the motivation behind the brand and said, “Girls would come to the gym after a long day at work impeccably dressed, and over the weekend you’d often see them in these outfits at brunch, shopping, or just on the streets. This sparked the discussion amongst my friends of how there has been a noticeable shift in people being more aware of their fitness and health in India”.

What Differentiates Kica From Other Brands?

Kica focuses on the superior quality of the fabric and keeping it stylish at the same time. As the products are being catered to the Indian market, so their main emphasis is on the quality, fit and fabric as keeping in mind the body shape and climate change. Like us, we are sure you must also be thinking about why the name Kica. Aneesha wanted a brand anime that sounded active, energetic, and most importantly resonated with people. 

One of the exciting ways of checking the samples before sending it out, the team wears the sample for the entire day, through a workout, and after a wash before and then only the collection is finalised. “Our customers come to our store or chat with us online and ask for specific designs, or tell us what they are looking for. When we see a trend, we do a bit more digging into as to why they are looking for something of this kind. If we find a promising insight, we proceed to sample the product and eventually, make it a part of our collection,” she added speaking to an online publication. 

A community of Empowering Women

Aneesha from day one has always been into sports and seeing the opportunity she launched ‘The Kica Women’s Football League’. The community aims to provide a boost to amateur football in the capital. Along with physical fitness, the league wants to contribute towards skills like confidence, initiative, mental toughness and most significantly, bonding. 

Image Source: Inside Sports

Till date, 82 girls have signed up for the league and have been already drafted into six teams and is open to women of all ages. “At the heart of the Kica Women’s Football League is the aim to help women empower women by creating a community of women of all ages and walks of life that support and motivate each other to stay healthy and fit, through football,” said Aneesha to an online publication. 

Kica products are available on its website, and e-commerce platforms and also have stores spread in New Delhi. Aneesha is indeed a motivation for many women out there! 

(Featured Image Source: Health shots)