This Youngster Has Turned Her Passion For Pets Into a Successful Petcare Business

From healthcare, grooming, food, emergency or training, keeping up with the needs of dogs is every pet owner's responsibility. 21-years-old, Anushka Iyer, as a pet parent and the Founder of petcare startup Wiggles, started on similar notes. She has always been keen on the state of pet healthcare and came up with this fantastic initiative for the pets. 

How Did It All Start? 

In December 2018, Anushka along with her father Rajh Iyer and Co-founder Venky Mahadevan launched Wiggles to address petcare knowledge among all the first-time and seasoned pet parents. It’s an online platform that caters to all the pet parents and provides vet on call, grooming services, pet healthcare and nutrition products. 

Truamzied by the state of India’s pet care industry, it made Anushka more empathy towards animals as she has always been a pet lover. She added, “I realized that pet illnesses are mostly caused due to ignorance of pet parents as in most cases, having pets was and is still considered a ‘status symbol.’ Once the pet is ‘welcomed’ home, many pet parents are overwhelmed by the responsibility that it entails and often begin to neglect them. I also noticed how first-time pet parents were also confused and at times misinformed about things like applying medications to their pets. This got me thinking, and it led me to bring Wiggles to life, with a strong focus on delivering pet care in the comfort of the pet’s home where the pet feels most comfortable and safe”.

With the dedicated team of researchers, vets and groomers, Wiggles started manufacturing essential pet products. Wiggles stepped into the market intending to simplify healthcare for pets and pet parents with innovative and pet-friendly products that have honest and transparent pricing. They have paved the way to disrupting the ever-evolving pet care market and is already creating waves and aims to continue doing so in the years to come.

Services For The Pets

Grooming On Call Services and Vet On Call is available in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. Wiggles have a range of organic and herbal pet products that are available PAN-INDIA. Thye launched vet-curated Wiggles box, which are quite famous. Speaking about it, Anushka added, “Our Wiggles Box contains a vet-curated mixture of anti-tick and flea remedies, nutritional products and essential vitamins, depending on your pet’s health needs, also available Pan-India”.

Recently, they have launched Wiggles SmartVet as an outcome of the COVID-19 crisis. This is an online video consultation service where pet parents can connect with our vet experts via video call. A very own range of Wiggles Homemade Wet food for dogs and cats and have been getting phenomenal responses ever since they have been launched.

Challenges Anushka Faced

Starting a business is quite a task and conquering all types of challenges is in itself a challenge. One of the significant concerts is that pet parents are misinformed about pet care. To address all the pet parents is what’s her biggest motive of opening Wiggles. She added, “While some pet parents protect and take care of pets lovingly, yet as the veterinary expenses skyrocket, they often abandon their pets. Continuing down the path of ever-changing pet ownership and the new shopper journey, it is important to highlight pet owners’ shopping preferences and identify opportunities and challenges for pet food purchases across channels. Team Wiggles is in a constant endeavour to address the market gap and create genuinely innovative products that are healthy and safe for pets and convenient to pet parents at the same time”.

Pros & Cons of Starting a Business

The Pune-based startup, Wiggles, goal is simple to introduce transparency associated with costs, nutrition, medication, and wellness options across the pet industry.

According to Anushka, the pros of starting a business are:

  • The changes in lifestyle, coupled with the rise in disposable income and double-income families that has helped the pet care market. 
  • Growing pet humanization, urbanization and consumers’ preference are few of the additional factors driving the pet care market in India. 

The cons are as follows: 

  • There is still a wider community of pet parents that prefer their pet essentials to be from a particular brand to be readily available in one place, so it becomes challenging to create a transition in such cases.
  • The fact that there is a lack of awareness or education amongst pet parents about their pets needs and requirements, and this is partly because no one has communicated it to them. 
  • End of the day, they need to realize they are bringing home a life that is going to need love, care and looking after and will remain your baby throughout its life. 

Indeed, starting a business is not an easy task, but with the right planning, Anushka has proved that anything is possible when you are motivated and determined enough. 

(Featured Image Source: YourStory)