Meet IAS Officer Sonal Goel, Who Came up With The Idea of Mobile Grocery Shops in Gurgoan During The Lockdown

Women in all fields are it sports; corporates are making us proud each day. With COVID-19 outbreak, people are coming up with different ideas to help all the people who are in need. IAS officer Sonal Goel repurposed buses as mobile grocery shops in Gurgaon. With a nationwide outbreak, several activities are being carried out by Gurugram Metropolitan City Bus Limited (GMCBL) in Gurgaon under the guidance of the CEO Sonal Goel.

Understanding the need of the hour and making all the things run smoothly, Sonal donated her one month’s salary to the Haryana Corona Relief Fund and also urged other employees to consider donating one day’s salary. Apart from this monetary aid, the IAS officer came up with an idea of using public buses under GMCBL as mobile grocery shops. To tackle the challenges faced by the residents, they offered the buses to be used purposefully to serve the essential needs of residents in the lockdown period.

(Image Source: Facebook/GurugamanCityBus)

The GMCBL buses started serving as transportation carriers of essential food commodities as a Mobile Grocery Shop from the wholesalers to the Resident Welfare Societies to fulfil the needs. Also, the buses are providing delivery service of fruits and vegetables to residents doorsteps and connecting a bond with citizens in this hour. Apart from this, they came with another initiative- promoting cleanliness and personal hygiene those living in the Gurgaon slums. In a drive, sanitation items, food and masks were distributed among those in need to keep the body and hands clean was emphasised.

(Image Source: Facebook/GurugamanCityBus)

More than 1,500 sanitation packet kits have been distributed, and more than 200 packets of ration including dal, rice, sugar, salt and atta were distributed among them till date. The team also made sure that the team helped stranded homeless migrant workers by extending its support to the Gurgaon police by providing transportation to the migrant workers.

With such an initiative, it’s no wonder that IAS officer Sonal Goel has always had been a shining record of her achievements. From serving as an Assistant Collector to District magistrate to working towards the upliftment for women, Sonal has once again proved that we could achieve anything with determination. Kudos to Sonal Goel!

(Featured Image Source: Twitter)