Meet Karishma Kewalramani, The Entrepreneur Who Launched Her Own Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand

The cosmetic industry and beauty brands multiple times have been accused of promoting the idea that only fair skin is beautiful. Well, thanks to some of the brands are taking on the stereotype and are creating cosmetics for every skin tone. Well, Karishma Kewalramani, founder of cruelty-free makeup brand FAE Beauty came up with vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics line. 

Creation Of Her Brand

Born and raised in Mumbai, Karishma Kewalramani worked as a managing consultant at AT Kearney in the USA and while managing she realized her childhood passion for beauty industry. In 2017, when she returned to India, she had a goal to build a career in beauty and re-educated herself in makeup school and learned about the basics of cosmetic foundation before launching Free and Equal Beauty in 2019. 

Speaking to us about building her career in the beauty industry Karishma added, "When I moved back to India in 2017 to build a career in the beauty space, it was hard to find a company that was making good, clean products for real Indian people. I also realized that I was not the first, or only person to feel alone, pressured, intimidated by the beauty industry and it's unrealistic standards of perfection. I realized that there was a huge group of individuals, men, women, girls, boys, who were being marginalized by the industry".

FAE Beauty cares about its community and customers. It's a brand that is transparent and offers the customers the choice of purchasing products made with cleaner ingredients. She added, "Free and Equal Beauty was created to give a voice to everyone. Regardless of the way you look, feel, act, or identify – we're a brand for you".

Vision And Goal Of The FAE Beauty

Karishma always had a deep sense of passion for the beauty industry. Setting up her cosmetic brand was a task as from finding a manufacturer willing to customize formulas for a small, new company, to funding the business, the challenges felt endless for her. But with determination and goal of bringing innovative products to the market, Karishma came up with filling colours. 

(Image Source: Fashion Network)

"Our goal with FAE will always be to bring innovative products to market that are made to suit the entire spectrum of skin tones in this country. We don't envision ourselves creating products that already exist in the market, but try to adopt a unique approach with our R&D and use customer insights and feedback to bring new makeup technologies and products to our community", Karishma said. 

Inclusivity About The Brand 

Karishma calls her brand' democratic beauty', now you must be thinking why? The FAE Beauty brand is a way to approach people in which all skin types colours people are represented. Right from the advertisements to products, the brand itself represents it all. FAE Beauty stands for Free and Equal Beauty is a brand that cares deeply about inclusivity - a thought process that has been adopted by companies around the world. 

Shedding light on this, Karishma added, "FAE isn't just a company that creates a product, it's much more than that – it's building a community with a voice that can be used to determine all future product development decisions, which is why we think of it as a democratic beauty company. A community that is empowered to feel free and equal to express themselves the way they want".

FAE Beauty uses real people and not just models and doesn't photoshop images or any lighting techniques to show unreal beauty standards. This is something to proud of. With such an initiative, the beauty industry has added a charm.