Meet Raji Radhakrishnan, A Differently-Abled Woman Who is Stitching Masks For Health Workers

Nothing is indeed impossible even for people with Down syndrome if you have the determination to achieve something. In this hard press time, every individual all over the world has been doing their bit to fight against Coronavirus outbreak. Raji Radhakrishnan, despite being a differently-abled woman, took up a challenge to stitch masks for health care workers and police officers.

31-year-old Raji from Kerala who has Down syndrome is now a hero, and this youngster made over 1000 masks for all the healthcare professionals. Raji’s mother Prabha Unni is a social worker, runs a nonprofit organisation called Mother Queen Foundation in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala for people with disability.

On April 23, Raji made her mother proud as she distributed more than 1000 cloth masks made on her a sewing machine to the Kerala Health Minister. Raji learned to tailor from her mother, and she encouraged people to come forward and initiate to curb this outbreak. Speaking to Newzhood, Health Minister applause the determination of Raji and said, “Raji, who is intellectually disabled, learnt to stitch from her mother. She came to see me and handed over the masks as well. Her work is truly appreciated. More people must come forward to make masks according to guidelines given by the Health department”.

Image Source: Femina 

In November last year, Raji was too lazy to go to her special school, and when she went there, she learned how to stitch in a few days. Prabha, Raji’s mother, spoke to an online publication and added, “She usually helps me when I ask her, but in return, she asks me for money. But this time, for some reason, she said that she doesn’t want a penny. Now her brain isn’t developed fully to understand how deadly the virus is and how bad the situation is right now. But, this was a surprise, and it did make me happy.”

The mother-daughter duo made masks and helped the state in controlling the deadly disease. Truly, Raji is an inspiration, and despite having such disease, nothing stopped Raji to come up and help in such a situation.

(Featured Image Source: Femina; New Indian Express)