Prasanna Vadayar, CEO of Sikshana Foundation Talks About Their Various Programmes in Public Education

It’s is always a great feeling to see people who are passionate about not just helping people but also making an everlasting difference and change in society. And we recently got to meet precisely like that- NGO, Sikshana Foundation’s CEO, Prasanna Vadayar. A not-for-profit organization started with various programmes that are helping towards the betterment of society. 

Vision And Goals Behind Sikshana Foundation

A Bengaluru based not-for-profit organization, Sikshana Foundation, began its operations in 2003 to improve the state of public education in the country. The foundation focuses on developing cost-effective replicable and scalable models which will enhance the learning levels delivered by the public institutions. The NGOs interventions concentrate on three key concepts Motivate, Engage & Empower.

Talking about Sikshana Foundation’s ideology behind the programs, Prasanna Vadayar added, “Our programs work on bringing systematic changes through models that acknowledge the efforts of all stakeholders and motivate the entire ecosystem, i.e. students, teachers, community & government stakeholders”.

About Their WASH Initiative 

WASH ((Water Sanitation & Hygiene) initiative was started in 2019, with over 3000 schools in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana. WASH is a project, under which the students research the importance of proper technique of handwashing, hygiene and more. 

Through this program, it enabled the children to do research on what happens when these practices are not followed, how can they improve these practices and then come up with their plan of what needs to be done. Once the students were ready with their program, Sikshana supported them wherever needed by distributing supplies, water filters, garbage bins etc.

Image Source: Facebook/SikshanaFoundation

“It was a delight to see students picking up this project and taking more initiative than what we thought of. Students with support of their teachers & our field staff went ahead and organized community awareness melas as part of WASH project and with the help of these young changemakers and their teachers from the Government schools we were able to create a much larger impact than what we originally thought of”, said Prasanna. 

In 2019, the project impacted on 90,000 students and their communities. And now in 2020 when the whole world is struggling to manage the impact of Covid-19, the foundation is proud and glad that these 90,000 and their communities are aware and ready to fight it.

What’s Employability Skills Program?

The Employability Skills Program starts at the high school level. It aims to prepare the students with necessary skills whether they continue academic or enter the vocational institutes post their high school. Also, the program focuses on developing functional Arithmetic & English skills; IT skills that will lead to the students developing Communication and Collaboration skills.

Prasanna said, “We know there are thousands of organizations who are working in small pockets and doing a great job and are much more hands-on than what we are. Hence we don’t need to worry about those small pockets. Our concern is how to design & develop something that creates impact at scale and reaches every student in the system”.

Future Plans of Sikshana Foundation

Going forward, the foundation is looking at Prerana program (a motivation-based intervention for primary schools) along with the Project-Based Learning Initiative and Customized Learning Achievement Path (CLAP) to Government Schools of other states. Till date, Karnataka in partnership with Govt. of Karnataka: 2.7 Million students in 48,000 Government Schools for Prerana has been giving education. 

Sikshana Foundation, with their plenty of programs, is making the socially progressive. And through these people are getting educated about sanitation, hygiene and more such topics. 

(Featured Image Source: Facebook/SikshanaFoundation)