Radhika Bharat Ram's 'Theatre For A Cause' is Feeding Over 1000 Poor People in Delhi With The Help of Social Media

With all our lives being spent in isolation due to the Coronavirus outbreak, everything seems to have come to a halt. Social distancing is the need of the hour, and many have been stranded because of the lockdown and barely have money to make their necessities met. However, many corporates and NGOs are helping people in this hour, and we came across a platform that is trying to help the poor people using the power of theatre and social media. 'Theatre For A Cause' is generating money through their talent and helping out people during the stressful time of COVID-19.

Theatre For A Cause (TFAC) is a Delhi based non-profit organisation that believes in the power of music and theatre. Seeing the current pandemic, they started with an initiative called ‘Sing For A Cause’ to gather support for all the homeless people through public engagement on social media platform- Facebook. Radhika Bharat Ram, Vandana Munjal and Ritu R Chandra are a part of the core team of Theatre For A Cause and trying the best to help the needy.

(Image Source: Facebook/TheatreFAC)

This initiative is for all the like-minded individuals that aim to educate and entertain the audience about various social causes. The TFAC’s core team is Vandana is an actor and set production, Radhika Bharat Ram- lead singer, leader of the singers and philanthropist and Ritu R Chandra is director and producer. It invites users to submit their 20-second video entries with their performance of any song of ABBA (a world-famous pop group in the 1970s). For every song and entry, TFAC donates Rs 100 to the Uday Foundation and Blind Relief Association.

Speaking to CSR Mandate, the founder said, “The amazing outpouring of support from around the world has not only humbled us but has also encouraged us to do much more. Music, Dance and Theatre, as we firmly believe transcend borders and can be a beacon for hope and positivity, especially in troubled times like these!”

(Image Source: Facebook/TheatreFAC)

Through this campaign, they have received a tremendous response, and in one week since the start of the campaign, the team has received songs from more than one hundred people of, from across five continents, all speaking the common language of music. With this campaign, TFAC aims to gift 4000 meals to the homeless affected by Delhi’s lockdown.

This is such an incredible initiative, and we are proud of the entire team who came forward during this challenging time and situation.

(Featured Image Source: Facebook/TheatreFAC)