This Charitable Trust in Pune Promotes Traditional Arts & Crafts of India, Giving Employment Opportunities to Over 400 Artisans

If you are creative and love nature and vibrant colours, you’ll enjoy all kinds of Art. But have you ever remembered the name of the artists who are painting you have appreciated for a long time? And in India, the charm of traditional arts & crafts has been lost completely. One such trust in Pune, Heart For Art is promoting the traditional arts and crafts of India.

Heart for Art is a Public Charitable Trust that works towards bringing products from the best artisans of India, who passionately create them. The trust finds the space for Art and craft in public and private spaces and helps all the craftsmen to improve their living conditions and win back their pride. The sole idea of the trust is to revive India’s Art by increasing the livelihoods of rural artisans by providing them with work, exposure to consumers and of course, money. Speaking to an online publication, Padmaja Jalihal, founder of Heart for Art Trust said, “My husband, Sunil and I have taken several tours to meet the artisans of many states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha and Manipur. All of them had only one concern: while they knew traditional and authentic artforms, they didn’t have the work.”

(Image Source: Facebook/HeartForArtHandicrafts)

In the five years since the trust was formed, Padmaja has been managing to compose a work base of 400+ artisans. Taking one step at a time, from understanding the artisan’s products, curating them online to creating partnerships and finding the platform to showcase their art, it’s been a mesmerizing journey to form a trust.

The trust, Heart of Art, has over 65 crafts listed on their platform and the exciting thing is all of these are made using sustainable materials like sikki grass, sabai, jute, banana fire and of course they are eco-friendly. One will find products like masks, traditional toys, painting,s board games and of course the wooden home decor items. Apart from selling their products, the workshops are also one of the interactive ones as it allows all the artisans to interact with the customers directly. From pottery making to mask making workshops, the showcase tons of workshops as it makes artisans proud and boosts their morale as they get a platform to pass their knowledge to the students.

Image Source: Facebook/HeartForArtHandicrafts

Padmaja Jalihal added, “With design entrepreneurs, NGOs, government departments, tourism departments doing several things to revive artforms and bring means of livelihood for the rural artisans, we sure can make a difference. If Bali, Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa can stand up against the international markets and market their traditional artforms so beautifully, why can’t we?”

The trust impact has been an ongoing process, and the artisans keep sharing stories, educating people of all ages and generate awareness about the richness of India’s Art and craft. It is truly amazing to see how people are saving the traditional Art and craft of India.

(Featured Image Source: Facebook/HeartForArtHandicrafts)